Why Become a Peaceful Workplace Leader?

Leadership style and effectiveness have a direct impact on employee engagement, employee retention, company innovation, productivity, and ultimately revenue. That’s obvious. What is perhaps more surprising is that in more than 90% of workplace conflicts, poor leadership has been shown to play a significant role. That’s why peaceful leadership is so important: to both improve coworker trust and relationships as well as to proactively prevent workplace conflict and the many risks associated with unhealthy conflict.

Core Principles of Peaceful Leadership

Peaceful Leadership is a leadership model that centers around three Primary Pillars and five Core Competencies. The three pillars are Trust, Psychological Safety, and Inclusion. These directly refer to humans’ basic psychological needs when acting as members of a system or organization. A Peaceful Leader’s role in fulfilling these needs is actualized through competency in five critical areas: Patience, Engagement, Appreciation, Curiosity, and Empowerment.

Critical Skills Taught:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-awareness and regulation
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively
  • Aligning the Team on Mission and Values
  • How to Coach Employees
  • Tools for a Strength-Based Mindset
  • Conducting Employee Reviews Through Appreciation
  • De-escalation Skills
  • Mediating Coworker Conflict
  • Inclusive Decision-Making
  • Creating Accountability

Certification Requirements:

All certifications are awarded after successful completion of the final certification exam. In order to sit for the exam, candidates must satisfy the following prerequisites.

  1. TRAINING: Candidate must complete the Certified Peaceful Leader™ training course provided by Peaceful Leaders Academy. This includes:
    • Completion of 8 Training Modules, including action assignments and quizzes.
    • Attendance a minimum of 12 group coaching sessions.
  2. PLEDGE: Candidate must sign the Peaceful Leadership pledge.
  3. EXAM: Candidate must pass the CPL-W exam with at least an 80% passing grade.

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