Gigi Gutiérrez, M.S. has engaged in extensive research, leadership roles, conflict coaching and training. She has cultivated meaningful (and outspoken) panel discussions on conflict resolution. She is well-versed and accomplished in the field of conflict resolution, originating with a Master of Science degree from Columbia University. Gigi has further honed her conflict coaching and organizational skills in executive roles at various organizations, including her current role as Chief Program Officer – Youth Programming at Peaceful Leadership Institute.

In her previous role as Supervisor of Community Programs Gigi served on the committee of My Brother’s Keeper Obama Foundation. Furthermore, during her years as Supervisor of Community Programs when she was not managing projects, Gigi appeared in GRIP (gender responses initiative partnerships) court as an organizational representative for all Spanish-speaking cases. In addition, her vast experience includes the following:

  • Designed and implemented youth programs, with a focus on conflict resolution, peer mediation and restorative justice.
  • Collaboration with the community during high social conflict situations and trained educational institutions in restorative initiatives.
  • Served as a mediator, mentor, and conflict coach for youthful offenders on behalf of our restorative justice program.
  • As a member of the only restorative initiative committee in Westchester County, Gigi advised the committee in the direction of social justice alliances and partnerships, causing systemic changes one town at a time. The mission was to forward the work of restorative justice throughout the County. During the pandemic lockdown virtual meetings were established with stakeholders within the judicial system to implement systemic change. In furtherance of this mission, Gigi conducted presentations and training on restorative practices and conflict resolution. Her daily interactions consisted of working directly with politicians, community leaders, judges, assistant district attorneys and CEOs.

Additionally, Gigi is well-disciplined, emotionally intelligent, and proudly spent the past few years as an effective, transformational leader in the advancement of social justice.

Gigi’s unique background of advanced conflict resolution training, leadership skills and almost ten years of legal experience as a certified paralegal will be an invaluable resource in establishing rapport and maintaining collaborative relationships with the stakeholders you’re currently aligned with. Gigi looks forward to exploring how she may contribute her unique experience, talents, honor, loyalty, and perspective to your team.