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Building a More Peaceful World

Through Research & Education in Peaceful Leadership

Promoting Peace through Leadership Training

Our mission is to research, educate, and inspire peaceful leadership

What is Peaceful Leadership?

Peaceful Leadership is a leadership theory that centers around three Primary Pillars and five Core Competencies. The three pillars are Trust, Psychological Safety, and Inclusion. These directly refer to humans’ basic psychological needs when acting as members of a system or organization. A Peaceful Leader’s role in fulfilling these needs is actualized through competency in five critical areas: Patience, Engagement, Appreciation, Curiosity, and Empowerment.

Peaceful leadership can be learned and applied by leaders of people in any system: supervisors in a workplace, elected officials in a community, heads of household in a family, or any other network. By employing peaceful leadership, the members of the system benefit, the leaders benefit, and the system as a whole benefits.

Peaceful Leadership Institute in Action

PLI Is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the theory of Peaceful Leadership through research, education, and community initiatives.

  • Research – we conduct scholarly field studies
  • Education – we offer training and certification

  • Inspiration – we promote through community action

Our core initiative is to spread peaceful leadership through training and certification of leaders. Learn more about our training courses.


To promote research and education in the theory of Peaceful Leadership.

A Peaceful Leader serves the basic psychological needs of their staff or constituents. The three Primary Pillars related to these needs are psychological safety, trust, and inclusion. The five Core Competencies that serve these pillars are Patience, Engagement, Appreciation, Curiosity, and Empowerment.

To create a more peaceful world, one leader at a time. Change in systems or organizations must start at the top; it must be modeled and embodied by leadership. As leaders understand and implement a peace-oriented approach, they will naturally help the system adjust and make space for more peace to emerge.

To put peace above all else. To make our mission of creating greater peace in organizations and communities priority one, in all that we endeavor.

At PLI, we must embody what we teach. Therefore, we create a psychologically safe environment for our team and associates; we utilize best practices to create trust among staff and leaders; and we include all relevant voices and perspectives in our direction and decisions.




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