Peaceful Cultures Membership

Give your team access to ongoing workshops, content, and coaching focused on building and maintaining peaceful, productive coworker relationships.

Elevate Your Team… Peaceify Your Culture.

Elevate Your Team… Peaceify Your Culture.

With ongoing learning, exploration, and support, all of us can be leaders, contributing to organizational culture, regardless of our title or role.

Monthly Training Workshops

All employees get access to our interactive, instructor-led monthly workshops.

Discounts on Custom Services

Individual Coaching Programs, Custom Training Workshops, Peaceful Leaders Certification

Easy-to-Digest Content

Easy-to-follow, accessible material, worksheets, and more for all your team members.

Annual Membership

  • For-Profits: $10/employee/year
  • Non-Profits: $8/employee/year
  • Includes Full Access and Benefits
  • Eligibility for Certified Peaceful Culture™